Our appellate group consists of attorneys who have handled numerous civil appeals and original proceedings in State and Federal Appellate Courts, including the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Several of our attorneys are admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

Florida appellate practice possesses legal standards and procedures that differ from practice at the trial level. It is important to work with attorneys that have knowledge of those appellate standards and procedures, as well as a broad and working knowledge of the legal area applicable to the appellate issue. Our team understands that a comprehensive grasp of the underlying factual findings, the identification of legal issues, and the preservation of all pertinent appellate issues are critical to the appellate success of our clients.

Our attorneys handle litigation with an eye towards potential appeal, and work with other trial lawyers and corporate counsel to strategically manage litigation and an appeal, if necessary. Appellate procedure contains many legal traps and minefields for the inexperienced and unwary. Our services include the management and prosecution of the entire case, including the preparation of motions, appellate briefs, and presentation of oral argument.

Recognizing the potential for an appeal and a focus on those appellate issues are often an essential element in litigation. Our team understands this and has the experience to provide clients with the most cost-effective opportunity for appellate success.

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