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Motor Vehicle Litigation/Franchise Disputes/Breach of Warranty/Lemon Law

We have a track record of excellence in defending multi-national product manufacturers, distributors, and/or their authorized dealerships from claims brought pursuant to State and Federal consumer protection statutes. We have defended these entities in a myriad of settings, including informal dispute resolution proceedings, Florida Lemon Law Arbitration, and both state and federal litigation from the filing of the Complaint to trial, and in any necessary appeal.

PDMP’s team of experienced attorneys are authorities in the area of Magnuson-Moss defense, Uniform Commercial Code matters, Florida Lemon Law Arbitration, and general consumer protection litigation. Our attorneys have developed a database of consulting and expert witnesses, discovery requests and responses, and a broad knowledge base of critical and cost-effective strategies and the defenses necessary to the ultimate success of our clients. Our meticulous pretrial preparation is focused on effectuating early dismissal or the cost-effective settlement of matters under terms that are beneficial to our clients. To be clear, there are some cases that cannot and/or should not be settled. In those instances, our attorneys work diligently to clarify the important aspects of a case and our clients’ defenses in any state or federal court proceeding, arbitration, or informal dispute resolution process. Our comprehensive pretrial investigation often results in other entities assuming the defense of our clients and paying their cost of defense through litigation and trial.

We also bring a wealth of experience and are well prepared to handle dealer/manufacturer franchise disputes including but not limited to issues such as:

  • Misrepresentations
  • Breach Of Dealer Agreements
  • Termination Of Dealer Agreements
  • Loss Of Income/Future Profits Following Termination
  • Repurchase Of Inventory After Non-Renewal, Termination, Etc.

In Florida, franchise termination and issues pertaining to dealer agreement disputes are governed by both Federal and State laws and their regulations, as well as the particular provisions of each unique dealer franchise agreement. We are well versed in the intricacies of those laws and regulations. With this knowledge, coupled with our meticulous and comprehensive analysis of the applicable agreements involved in each particular case, we are well positioned to resolve franchise disputes through informal negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and if necessary, through trial.


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